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Domain & FAQ

Why did you get the domain name Mysteious Senshi?
-- I had decided on the domain name Mysterious Senshi because I was sitting around one day planning what I wanted for my Chrismas presents, and I have been wanting my own host with a domain name for a while. Even though I have a domain name already for my Saturn site I needed a new domain name for all my sites. I was thinking how Saturn is mysterious in some ways just like me in many ways, then I was thinking how much I have enjoyed the show Sailor Moon, and how Senshi means "Soldier" in Japanese. I thought it sounded really cool, and my friend agreed.

Who is your host?
-- My current host is DreamHost. I had turned to their hosting site because Endore.COM had gone out of business without notice. I haven't been with them for long, but I've had some problems in the short time. Some I can understand but it's annoying the heck out of me. The other host I had during 2003 was Hostmatix I recomend them to anyone with small business accounts.

Will you host me?
-- Check back at a later date. I will only be offering paid hosting for the year to help cover the costs of the host. It will not be much but anything to help cover expenses is a help to me.



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