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Sailor Saturn's Palace (SSP):
-- This is one of my FAVORITE sites that I have created. This is a extensive shrine to Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe. You can find almost all the information you need to know about Hotaru/Saturn. There is tons of information, pictures, things to do, and more. I would say that this is the most popular site out of all my sites. The counter on this site is over 14,000.

-- This is a resume site so anyone all over the world can view things I have done accidemically, websites, and other things. It has a lot of intresting things.

The Tales of the Heart:
-- This is a site where I listed all my poems that I have written. I love writing poems because it's an easy way for me to epress how I feel. Also it's something I like to do in my freetime. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Sites on Hitaus

Relena Peacecraft:
-- This is one of my oldest sites. I don't really work on it, but I am going to renovate this whole section, make sure all the information is correct, try and find more pictures, etc. This site is all about Relena Peacecraft from Gundamn Wing. She is my favorite character on that show besides Hero. So this is a shrine dedicated to Relena so if you people who hate her don't bother looking because I don't hate her.


Graveyard -- Row 8 Plot 30

Rebelling Teenager:
-- This site is my personal site. I host my diary and poems and other things that I feel like writing here. The Diary is kinda like a roller coaster with ups and downs. This is a fairly new site.

Mysterious Designs:
-- It's graphics site, but there isn't much now since I just revamped this site. There are some really nice layouts and I will be adding banners and more things as the year goes by.


Unfinished Sites

Web Taboos -- This site is goint to try and help prevent thefts on the internet. It will take a little while to set up first though because it has only little content at the moment and needs a lot more text. This site will deffinatly be up in the near future though.

Princess Nine -- This site is a shrine to the show Princess Nine. This site is going to be a little tough to build since I have to get A LOT of the information from the DVD's. There are not many sites about this show, and thats what inspired me to do this site. It should be up in the next couple months though.

Pretear -- This site would be about the anime show pretear. I'm not sure if I want to do this site or not so it's still in the begining stages.




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