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Old Layouts

This layout is based on the show La Femme Nikita. This is the show I had gotten my nick name from. All the different images are screen captures from the show, and dealing with the relationship between the two main characters. It took a long time to get this layout perfect and because of that it's my favorite.

Yup a Charmed layout! I love the show Charmed so I had to make a layout to my favorite show. This layout was really simple to do because it didn't involve much work and effort, but I love the subtle look to it.

Ok we are back to a Sailor Moon theme. The domain name is Sailor Moon related in more than one way so I decided to make another Sailor Moon based layout. In this layout it deals with the Sailor Moon Musical theme which is very popular with the online community.

This layout is very cute. I made it during the winter time thats why it has a picture of a elf and horse in the snow.

This layout was made for a tribute to the people who died on September 11, 2001. Each year I design a new header for the day. This is starting to be a tradition because it's a day to remember all the people who died.

This layout has a dark feeling to it. Not exactly sure why I made this layout, most likely it was out of boredom. Also I liked the image used.

This layout incorperates a fanart picture by Messa. The artwork used for this layout is very cute in my opinion and thought it would look nice for a layout.

I was really lazy and asked my best friend to make me this layout. Aint it lovely. It's the current layout. It stars David Boreanaz from the show Angel. This is my MOST favorite layout for the moment. Thanks Nuriko!!!

BLACK LADY!!!! This is the second layout I had created. It was a really easy layout to create though. All I used was an image an a table. It was a little too easy for my liking. Although I LOVE the image of blacklady because it's from Seramyu (Sailor Moon Musical) and the image is stunning.

This is the first layout that I had created for my main domain. I had made it Sailor Moon due to the pure fact that the domain name has Senshi in it meaning Soldier. The words on the layout says "The Senshi Fighting for Love and Justice".



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