Friends are people you trust,
with your deepest secrets,
and your most personal thoughts.

Friends are there to help you
and say, "Everything will be fine."
But you know they won't

A friend deserves the name friend
when they are truthful
also by being helpful and caring.

But you must never
take your friend for granted
for then you lose the name "friend"



People may think I'm Gothic
because I dress in black
but if they look closer
they'll see I'm not

People in school are afraid of me
because I have a strange power
that power is to heal

I have only one friend
her name is Chibi-Usa
she is not afraid of me
and trusts me

My Haruka-papa is the wisest one
My Michiru-mama is the beautiful one
and My Setsuna-mama is the caring one

Everyone around me stared and mocks me
but only my true friends understand me

So I say, "Never judge people by their looks"


If I Could...

If I could do what ever I want
I would help the homeless
So they would have a place to stay
and food to eat.

If I could do what ever I want
I would speak my mind
So I would be heard
and people would listen
to my thoughts and ideas

If I could do what ever I want
I would do stuff my way
So I wouldn't have anyone complain
and so no one could disrespect me

This is what I would do
So what would you do?


Is It Me Or Not??

As I stare through across the valley
and into the mist
I wonder "Is this really me?
or is it someone I don't know

If it is me
why do I feel alone
and so hollow?

If it isn't
Then who am I?
Where am I?
and where is my life going?

Will I ever find out those answers?
I don't know
I was hoping to find that out
while looking into the mist
and across the valley.


Lying Here All Alone

I'm lying here all alone
Thinking of what I did
Saying to myself, "I did the right thing.
So why am I loosing friends?"

All we seem to do if fight,
and I don't know how to stop it

Sometimes I cry
and sometimes I feel mad
My emotions are mixed

On one side I have a true friend
who cares about me
On the other side I have a true buddy
who we have a lot in common

But when the time came
to choose my true friend
I did the wrong thing
and it cost me a friend

So now I'm lying here
All alone and by myself
Wondering if I did the right thing

Saying to myself, "Why did I do that?"
Then answering "I don't know why.
I thought it was right to do."

Now I wish I didn't do anything
So I wouldn't be here lying alone.



What is love?
Is it something you cherish?
Is it something you share?

Yes it is
You cherish it by keeping it
Also you never cheat on that person
Who ever it might be

and you share it with
someone special
and only them

When you love someone
you love them only
and you have special feelings for them
those feelings are way different than normal

So yes love is:
something you cherish
and something you share
with someone special.


Smile Apon Your Face

As I sit here
seeing the smile apon your face
It brings back memories
and dreams of when I was young.

Dreams of when I felt complete
when I had friends and family
who cared about me

But now...
I don't know
I don't feel the same
some things are different

Will I ever feel that way again?
I hope so
I loved to feel that way

So when I saw that smile apon your face
I was filled with joy
and happy feelings

I wish I could see that smile
and have that feeling forever
but I'd be living in a dream
for the rest of my life

So as I lose that happy feeling
when I walk away
I will always remember that smile
and my memories and dreams.


Simile of Myself

I am like a locked diary wishing to be unlocked,
Filled with many secrets and many mysteries
There are many emotions inside me, including sadness and anger
The words written on my pages are privet and filled with hope
And with every new page it is like a new day
The day people unlock the diary is the day when I will be understood.


Sailor Pluto

I am the Senshi of Time
and I guard the Gates of Time
With those Gates you can travel
to the past
or the future

I can not leave my post
because I will break a taboo
but if I do leave my post
I will make friends

My only friend
is the royal princess
Small Lady

I am also the Senshi if Space
Everything around me
belongs to me

The air you breathe
and you water you drink
is all in space

So you see I am the Senshi of Time and Space,
Sailor Pluto


Sailor Saturn

I am the Senshi of Death
and people are afraid of me
I tell them not to be
but they are

No one understands me
but my friend
my dear friend Chibi-Usa

Haruka-papa says that they will understand soon
but Michiru-mama doesn't think so
Setsuna-mama understand me
and says "Hotaru my dear everything will be fine."

I wish I wasn't the Senshi of Death
but with the power I have
I can destroy a planet and kill people

Then again I am also known as
the Senshi of Rebirth
and I heal people

I try and side with Sailor Moon?
and fight for love and justice

But when the time comes
I have to use my power to kill
the evil ones
because I want to save my friends from harm

But in the end I end up with friends
who care about me
and aren't afraid of me

So you see I am the Senshi of Death and Rebirth,
Sailor Saturn



You think you may have no talent
but you do
You may not see it
but it is deep inside of you
hiding and waiting for the right time
to appear and show

When will that time be?
No one knows but you

It might be for
a month or a couple of year

When your talent appears
you can't say you have no talent
because you do.

Your talent might be
creating webpages or something else
So never say you have no talent


Two Worlds

We live in two world
and we are different
separated by color of skin
and religion

Fights are caused by our two worlds
and it seems like it will never end

Can't we forget about the worlds
and all be friend
so we never fight?

From my experience
it doesn't seem so
but we should try
to make the two worlds one.


As Time Goes By

As time goes by
and my dreams become reality
The love I felt for you
becomes stronger with each moment

The time I spend with you
I cherish with all my heart.
You are someone I trust
and someone I care about with all my heart

when you are not near
I wonder and worry
when I might talk to you again
and if you're ok

when you are near
my fears seem to disappear
and my heart lets you in
for I want to feel loved again.


Waking Dream

In my waking dream
I vision a man standing closely and holding me tightly.
He is telling me those 3 special words....

The kind that make any women's heart beat fast
The words I've longed to hear for generations.
And the words that mean the world to me
and make me feel loved, special, and wanted.

This dream....
Is it a reality? When I listen closely
and close my eyes
I hear those 3 special words......



My ability to trust
was lost with a gust
it came so fast
it doesn't seem like a past

On the day I met you
my hopes and dreams came true
with the years I knew you
I learned to trust you
and only you

I opened my heart with open arms
to let you in to keep me safe and warm

I may be shy and frail
but my heart will not fail
so it's with you
I say "I love you"


Sister I Never Knew

When I think of you
I think of a sister who helped me through
the good and the bad
for better or worse.

Maybe in another life
we were twins
or maybe just really close friends
as it is true
in this day and age

Right from the start
we couldn't be apart
friends from the begining
and till the end

You are a sister I never knew
with a heart so true
I thank you my sister
with my heart I am true


Paths in Life

the stars guide me through my life
the love, sorrow, and the strife
from the friends of each other
to the love for one another

friends are together
from begining till end
sharing most private secrets
to things with no end

family are bound
by more than blood
and the love of each other
it runs deep within one another

lovers are together
with their hearts bound forever
their love cant be torn apart
until death do them part

what they all have in common
is we all start as friends
but each of out paths
decides our fate till the end



bound by magick
bound by love
from the stars up above

i dreamed a dream
where he was there
but in reality
he's not there

i called for help
from the gods
to find the path
against all odds

without the help
i feel lost
trying to figure him out
at all costs

guide my heart
give me strength
and tell me
where he went

whats on his mind
and in his heart
i would like to know
with all my heart

ask him now
before it ends
what does he feel
and tell me then

i want to know
i need to know
so my heart
knows where to go